Gator Club Scholarship Fundraiser

The Gator Clubs of Region 8 (17 clubs west of the Mississippi) are teaming together to support two scholarships to strengthen Gator Nation. By combining the financial resources and the geography of Region 8 we can make a true impact by supporting future Gators to attend UF.

Support is desired to fund an annual $2,500 Florida Opportunity Scholarship and over a five-year span to fund a $30,000 Gator Nation West of the Mississippi scholarship endowment for a student with financial needs from our region. The Florida Opportunity Scholarship Program is designed to ensure first-generation students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to have the resources they need to be academically successful at UF.Once the Gator Nation West of the Mississippi Scholarship Endowment is funded it will forever support a financially needy Gator from our area to attend UF. All clubs participating will be involved with selecting a Gator to receive the scholarship.

The San Diego Gator Club has made a minimum annual pledge of $250 to the Opportunity Scholarship and $500 to the Endowment. During the year we will be raising money for these important causes and we will be asking for your support. One important way to support the club and the scholarship programs is to join the alumni association - if you are not already a member. UF gives part of that membership money back to the San Diego Club.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity. If you have any questions or suggestions for fundraisers or if you want to make a donation please contact me. Go Gators!

Peggy Poulsen
San Diego Gator Club Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 858.486.3443